1-1 Lesson

2 Hours | 1 Look | £50

This training is perfect for those who are looking to learn on a 1-1 basis. We cater to those looking to learn on others, and also those who would like to learn how to slay their own makeup! This is a great way to take control of your learning and focus on any look of your choice. Whether that be to master the ultimate night out makeup, a bridal look, or a colourful Instagram glam! We will demonstrate the look of your choice in easy to follow steps, while talking you through the technique and the products being used. You then practice with our guidance! 


You can bring your own model or if needed we can provide one for you! In this lesson everything is provided for you, however, if there are certain products or brushes of your own that you would like to learn with, feel free to bring them.

1-1 intensive all day course

7 Hours | 3 Looks | £275

This all day course is ideal for anyone wanting to expand on their artistry skills. No matter what your ability or desired outcome, we will be able to guide you through every step to achieving your goal. Whether you are looking to start your career in the makeup industry, a makeup artist looking to enhance your skills, or even just wanting to perfect your own makeup, this is the perfect course for you! This course follows a similar structure to our 1-1 2 hour lesson, as we take turns demonstrating and practicing the look. Our students show vast improvements from our all day course, as the repetition of the steps throughout the day helps them to remember the method and perfect their technique. We can always see a huge improvement in our students when comparing their 1st look of the day to their 3rd of the day, its amazing!


This course also provides full step by step handouts from the FAACE MUA 4 week course, product lists, tips and tricks on how to build your kit, clientele and social media. You will also receive photographs of your work from the day, and learn how to build your career as a makeup artist! Model to be provided by yourself or contact us to arrange a model for you if needed. Full kit is provided.



12 Hours | 4 Looks | £100

FAACE is the newest, most innovative solution to makeup training. Fuelled by an overpriced industry and powered by professionals, FAACE is the solution to ANYONE interested in furthering their makeup skills. Salon Owners and Makeup Artists to those looking to learn their own face and enhance their skills.

Your FAACE|MUA course will be broken up into 4 sections


Week 1 – All About Skin Taking it back to basics on week 1, no makeover looks complete without perfect skin. Get that glow, master contouring and ensure your canvas is prepped to perfection. This is a complete look when partnered with a bold lip.


Week 2 – The Basic Blend Our signature technique. There is nothing basic about this 3-step trick to crafting the best eyeshadow looks EVERY TIME.


Week 3 – In the Spotlight A look made famous by your favourite Instagrammers and most loved by your clients, the ‘Spotlight Eye’ is a go-to for your Saturday night out’s and special occasions.


Week 4 – Colour The final week, we really let your creativity shine, using colour is often a fear of both clients and artists but when done correctly can take a look to a whole new level. Colour week is your chance to add a pop of colour to your fully mastered basic blend.

In this course everything is provided for you. Just bring yourself! Your small group is split in to pairs to practice on each other. Course includes full step by step booklets, a certificate of completion and continued online support. 



I finished the beginner to pro 4 week course on Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed every week! You get to try so many amazing products and learn new techniques while practising on each other! No matter how far you are in your career with makeup you always take something away! Thank you to the girls for the course, can’t wait to start the advanced!

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